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Polaris 360

One of the most advanced

boosterless pressure cleaners available.

Polaris 360 Polaris 360
Polaris 360
Polaris 360 Polaris 360
Polaris 360 Side View

The Polaris 360 pressure pool cleaner provides unparalleled pressure-cleaning without the need for a separate booster pump. Powered by 3 vacuum jets, it vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the surfaces of any shaped pool in less than 3 hours. Easily connected into a dedicated pressure, pool return or solar line provision* with no electrical work required.

*Depending on the location of the solar line in the pool.


  • Automatic Back-up Valve operates every 3.5 mins to help free the cleaner if it gets cornered, creating a random superior cleaning pattern
  • Powered by 3 vacuum jets, providing more vacuum power than any other pressure-side non-booster pump pool cleaner
  • Also available with PosiTrax tyres, providing extra grip and manoeuvrability on tiled or fibreglass surfaces
  • Translucent housing provides superior UV and weather resistance
  • Extra large float intake makes it suitable for picking up large debris
  • Quick release connection for easy cleaning of filter bag, which catches 80% of debris before it reaches the filter


  • 3 Jets
  • 2 ¼"
  • All-Wheel Belt Drive
  • Positrax® for tiled pools
  • Single Chamber
  • --
  • Inground/All


  • W7520005 — Polaris Vac-Sweep® 360
  • 360 I/O Manual

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  • Polaris 360 Quickstart Guide

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  • Polaris 360 Brochure

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  • Polaris 360 Exploded Parts Diagram

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