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Polaris 3900 Sport

Sleek and stylish with superior performance.

The 3900 SPORT defines a new era of pool cleaners.

Polaris 3900 Polaris 3900
Polaris 3900
Polaris 3900 Polaris 3900
Polaris 3900 Bottom View
Polaris 3900 Polaris 3900
Polaris 3900 Front Angle
Polaris 3900 Polaris 3900
Polaris 3900 Rear Angle
Polaris 3900 Polaris 3900
Polaris 3900 Side View

New & Improved! Now includes TailSweep Pro®

The sleek NEW Polaris 3900 Sport pressure pool cleaner offers the most technologically advanced features available in a pool cleaner, defining a new era of Polaris performance for your pool. Operating from a dedicated booster pump, the Polaris 3900 Sport pool cleaner will sweep and scrub your pool in less than 3 hours. Clean your pool in style and be the envy of your neighbours with the sleek and sporty Polaris 3900 Sport.


  • Sweep hose provides effective pool cleaning in tight, hard to reach places
  • WideTrax Tyres are extra thick, low profile tyres for suerior climbing and manoeuvrability
  • PosiDrive System delivers 50% more torque, meaning greater vacuum power and more efficient cleaning
  • The most vacuum power of any 3-Jet Polaris cleaner, distributing an additional 150 litres/per minute of clean, filtered water throughtout your pool
  • Durable plastics provide superior UV and weather resistance
  • Requires a dedicated booster pump, taking the strain off the main pool pump to generate more power
  • The 5 litre capacity bag is 40% larger than the average filter bag, allowing the cleaner to pick up more debris with fewer stops


  • 3 Jets
  • 2 ¼"
  • All-Wheel PosiDrive
    with Stainless Steel Chain
  • Positrax® for tiled pools
  • Dual Chamber SuperBag
  • 5 Liter
  • Inground/All


  • W7620000 — Polaris 3900 Sport
  • W7620000P — Polaris 3900 Sport with Positrax
  • Polaris 3900 Brochure

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  • Polaris 3900 Exploded Parts Diagram

    APAC (Australia) ONLY

  • Polaris 3900/P39 Sport I/O Manual

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